5 Healthy Snacks We’re Loving Lately

5 Healthy Snacks We’re Loving Lately

The holiday season is filled with opportunities for indulging. From potlucks with friends to office holiday parties, there are a number of occasions this time of year featuring food that’s delicious but not always the most healthy. In case you need a break from the heavy hors d’oeuvres, we put together a list of five healthy snacks we’ve been enjoying lately. Note: “healthy” is a loose term around here, by healthy, we mean these are not donuts and french fries.

Cranberry Chèvre Log and Pretzel Thins

Trader Joe's Cranberry Chèvre Log

I’m the kind of person that loves to bring chips and salsa to a potluck because I’m strapped for time or I get too nervous about trying to make something complicated for a group that I’m trying to please. Enter my go-to shareable snack: Trader Joe’s Cranberry Chèvre Log, served with pretzel thins. This festive (thanks to the cranberries) holiday treat looks pretty and tastes delicious, a wonderful combination of the tart and sweet cranberries with creamy goat cheese pair well with the saltiness of pretzels. The chèvre log is priced under $5 and if you aren’t a fan of cranberries there are apple cinnamon and blueberry versions as well.


Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream

If you have an Instagram account and you follow any food bloggers you’ve probably seen this ice cream all over your feed. This low-calorie option actually tastes and resembles the consistency of ice cream! At around 80 calories per serving, Halo Top pints have about as many calories as just one serving of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – and let’s be real no one can stick to eating just one serving of ice cream. New flavors were released earlier this fall and I cannot wait to try them all, so far I’ve had the s’mores, oatmeal cookie and salted caramel (according to USA Today, peanut butter cup is the best tasting new flavor — no wonder it’s sold out all the time). A pint at Kroger will run you about $4 (when they’re on sale, which they currently are) and if saving money isn’t your thing you’ll find Halo Top at most grocery stores around town.


Hope Foods Hummus and Pita Chips

Hope Hummus

We’re always up for trying a new hummus options and Hope Foods has some of the best variety of flavors that we’ve seen. Hope Foods offers 10 varieties of hummus, and we picked up two for a recent taste test. The Thai Coconut Curry was extremely flavorful and the Spicy Avocado variety could have easily passed for guacamole. Fun fact: the first type of hummus Hope Foods created was their Spicy Avocado hummus, followed in second by the original hummus!

With both the curry and avocado, we sort of forgot that we were eating hummus, which is the best kind of healthy snack, right? Hope Foods Hummus is available locally at Ellwood Thompson’s, Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. We enjoyed the hummus with carrots and pita chips, and we’re hoping to get our hands on one of the chocolate hummus varieties soon, because we need to make this recipe for dark chocolate cookie s’mores dip we found on their website. Like now.

– M & K

Mandarin Oranges

Halo Mandarin Oranges

I pick up a 3 lb. bag of mandarin oranges almost weekly at the grocery store this time of year and I usually end up snacking on one or two throughout the course of the day. I often find myself purchasing the Halos brand, California grown mandarins that Halos touts as being easy to peel, super sweet and seedless.

I’ve always referred to these “baby oranges” as clementines, but you learn something new every day: according to the Halos website, the Halos brand offers two mandarin varieties: clementines, which are available from November to January, and W. Murcott Afourers, which are available February to April. Mandarins are available at most grocery stores when they are in season, including Kroger, Aldi, The Fresh Market and Food Lion.


Noosa Yoghurt and Hudson Henry Baking Company Granola

Granola and Yogurt

Confession: I’ve tried to love a lot of different yogurts through the years, but it’s not always a snack that’s been my favorite. I’m not sure what it is, but until recently, I’ve never found a yogurt that I actually really enjoy eating all that much. That’s not the case now that I’ve tried Noosa Yoghurt. I’m slightly addicted to the strawberry rhubarb variety, to the extent that I had a Kroger associate hunt down a few containers of my favorite flavor for me this past weekend when I saw they were out of stock on the shelves. Noosa is available at Kroger, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods and other local grocers.

An 8 oz. container is listed as one serving, but I usually find myself happily eating half of a container topped with a spoonful or two of one of my favorite Virginia-made products,  granola from Hudson Henry Baking Company. If you haven’t tried the Maple & Walnut granola from Hudson Henry Baking Company, do yourself a favor and pick some up today. The pretty packaging would make it a great holiday gift, too!


What’s your favorite healthy snack? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. December 9, 2016 / 4:26 pm

    I can confirm that the peanut butter cup is the best Halo Top flavor!!! haha I also love the Red Velvet one. I’m obsessed! Also, Hudson Henry is the most addicting granola ever! I LOVE IT!

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