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Meg and Kelsey met while working together at the same PR firm in Richmond, Virginia and they quickly discovered they shared a number of mutual interests – including a love for food. Lunch dates and Saturday mornings spent at the South of the James Farmers Market quickly turned into a wonderful friendship that includes road trips centered around donuts, a birthday dinner tradition at Stella’s,  and yes, sometimes even things that don’t involve food.  They discussed starting a blog no less than a few hundred times before Let’s Share A Dish was born, because let’s be honest – deciding on a blog name isn’t easy.


Megan Irvin

Megan Irvin

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Meg headed south to attend Roanoke College and decided she liked Virginia enough to stick around! She moved to Richmond in 2011 and hasn’t looked back after falling in love with the city – the culture, the people (one in particular: her husband, Taylor) and of course, the food. She grew up with an extended family that loves to both cook and eat and many of her fondest memories take place in the kitchen or around the dinner table. Meg loves exploring the restaurant scene in RVA and in any new city she steps into, and though she can often be found perusing a menu and thinking about all of the options she could try, she usually ends up with something more traditional. When she’s not scrolling through Yelp or OpenTable, her favorite things include traveling, cooking, a good book and anything on HGTV – though she’s most thankful for time spent with family, friends or her dog Max, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Signature cocktail: “The Stoic” (Blue Ridge Vodka, Strawberry, Sage, Lemon) from The Savory Grain

Current food she can’t live without: Coffee ice cream (though she’s never had a cup of coffee in her life!)

kelsey leavey

Kelsey Leavey

Kelsey, or Kelso as Meg calls her, grew up in Richmond and has watched the city transform into a food destination. Her adventurous palate rarely steers her wrong. She has a wandering spirit that has taken her to different corners of the globe and is almost always up for stepping out of her comfort zone when it comes to trying new dishes (evidence here). Kelsey has a notorious sweet tooth and would happily replace dinner with dessert or a donut any night of the week. Outside of her obsession with “Instagramable” plates, Kelsey enjoys spending time outside — running, hiking, biking or playing soccer.

Signature cocktail: French 75

Current food she can’t live without: Donuts!

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