Brunch Worth the Trip South of the River

Brunch Worth the Trip South of the River

Breakfast might honestly be my favorite meal of the day. In fact, growing up I looked forward to breakfast for dinner nights. So when I was introduced to the concept of brunch (beyond Easter brunch) in college, my life was never the same. Yes, I know that sounds dramatic, but that’s really how much I love a perfectly cooked omelette and plate of french toast.

Southbound is a joint venture from Lee Gregory of the Roosevelt and Joe Sparatta of Heritage, and the restaurant was even featured in Bon Appétit last year as one of  2015’s best new restaurants. Earlier this year, the restaurant announced that it was starting brunch service, and I knew I needed to add it to my list of places to try.  And while I still haven’t had dinner at Southbound, if it is anything like the brunch, I know it will not disappoint.

The Dish — Southbound Brunch

Not knowing how busy the restaurant would be, I made reservations online for brunch just before 11 a.m. The reservation probably wasn’t necessary since we were on the earlier end of the brunch rush, but as we were leaving the restaurant was definitely getting more crowded, so I’d recommend making one just in case.

Glazed…. Brunch is ready, are you?

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I’m sort of a stalker and follow Craig Perkins, the chef de cuisine at Southbound, on Instagram and after his many posts about his cinnamon rolls and I was extremely excited to try them. When I didn’t see them on the menu, I frantically asked the waitress about our options — thankfully she informed me that the cinnamon rolls are a special and are only available in limited quantities so while they weren’t on the menu, I could still order one (success!). This past weekend’s roll was lemon glazed and it was everything I had hoped it would be, the perfect compliment to our savory main dishes.

Southbound mimosas

Southbound cinnamon roll

After ordering mimosas (hold the orange juice, add grapefruit juice) we decided to split two main dishes, the duck hash with duck confit, potatoes, soft poached egg* and bacon hollandaise, and the fried chicken and grits with soft poached eggs and bacon hollandaise. Which leads me to this question, why isn’t bacon hollandaise a thing yet? The eggs in both dishes were cooked to perfection, the duck hash was seasoned perfectly and the fried chicken was just incredible. I’m not typically a huge fan of grits, but these were so creamy and flavorful, I might now be officially converted.

Southbound fried chicken and grits

Southbound brunch duck hash

Overall, we left stuffed and happy. Even with drinks, the brunch equivalent of an appetizer, and a main course, we were in and out of Southbound in just under an hour. And we didn’t break the bank, with our combined bill totally around $50 (not including tip). Now, that is my kind of brunch. I cannot wait to go back to try the Bon Air beast — a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit with sausage gravy and potatoes — or the french toast served with seasonal fruit compote.

Details you should know

Southbound Richmond reservations

Southbound Richmond bar

Southbound is located in the Stony Point Shopping Center at 3036 Stony Point Road (not the mall) and is open for brunch on Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. — I suggest going early in the day if possible, before they run out of cinnamon rolls! Reservations are accepted and can be made online if you have a party of less than 15 people. Also worth noting, our waitress was extremely sweet and asked us as soon as we sat down if she needed to inform the kitchen of any food allergies we might have. Thankfully, I don’t have any food allergies, but if you are looking for a restaurant with gluten free or vegetarian options Southbound seems to be extremely accommodating.

Overall, my brunch experience at Southbound was wonderful and I’d put it up there with Metzger as my favorite brunch in Richmond. It’s okay to have two favorites right? If you’ve had a brunch dish you loved at Southbound, let me know what I should order on my next visit in the comments.


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