Frozen Treats in RVA to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Frozen Treats in RVA to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Summer might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean the heat is over here in Richmond. We’ve been taste-testing frozen treats all summer long to come up with a list of our favorite frozen treats in RVA. They’re good for the dog days of summer, sure, but the refreshing items on the list below are ones that we would happy to enjoy all year long!

Frozen Treats in RVA

Frozen (Alcoholic) Drinks at Saison Market

saison market slushies

If you are an adult that has had fond memories of 7-11 slurpees at some point in your life, Saison Market has a treat for you — and you must be 21+ years old to enjoy. Last year, they installed a frozen drink machine (genius!) behind the register and the espresso machine and the rest was history. Located in Jackson Ward at 323 N Adams Street (right across the street from our favorite bakery Idle Hands) you can enjoy your frozen cocktail inside the cafe or out on the (mostly) shaded patio.

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The frozen cocktails will run you about $10 depending on the variety and options rotate on a regular basis. I’ve tried the Negroni, pina colada and the mojito, all were extremely refreshing and best enjoyed on the patio on a hot summer day. But buyer beware, sip on these drinks carefully, they’re often stronger than you think. I’m a little sad that I missed the rosé sangria, but hey maybe it will make a comeback before the end of September (hint, hint drink makers at Saison Market). -K

King of Pops

frozen treats king of pops

King of Pops was started in Atlanta back in 2008 by three brothers with a goal of providing an ecologically responsible, fresh and all-natural frozen treat to customers. We’re as happy as anyone these unique and delicious pops made their way to the Richmond area in June of 2013, and we have Paul Cassimus to thank for that. Cassimus has expanded King of Pops in Richmond from one cart to a city-wide presence of pops, and today you can find King of Pops at multiple carts, retailers, farmers’ markets and more. Heck, you can have King of Pops at your wedding if you want to! Of course, there’s also the recently opened Pop Patio in Scott’s Addition which is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Sunday from 12 – 7 p.m. It is located at 3001 West Clay Street Richmond, VA 23230 and bonus: at the same address, you can find delicious freshly-pressed sandwiches from The Reign.

The Dish

frozen treats peach king of pops

No joke, when I first moved to Richmond, I would get so excited everytime I saw a King of Pops cart somewhere I would stop in my tracks and grab one. It was on one of those improptu cart visits where I discovered my favorite flavor, watermelon mojito. Good thing for me, King of Pops consistently rotates their flavors which has forced me to try other kinds, or else I think I’d still be ordering that watermelon variety every single time. The chocolate sea salt is one of the most popular varieties, and even though I’m not a chocolate fanatic, I can understand why — the creamy chocolatey combination is perfectly delivered in a pop. On my most recent visit, I enjoyed the fresh peach flavor – a great example of the seasonal varieties that King of Pops offers when the time of year is right. The popsicles here cost a bit more than your average popsicle at $3 a piece, but then again, these aren’t just your average popsicles. -M

Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nightingale making ice cream sandwiches

What started as a dessert option at Greenleaf’s Pool Room downtown has turned into a business of its own. Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches was started by Greanleaf’s executive chef Hannah Pollack. Pollack’s homemade ice cream sandwiches (yes, she bakes the cookies and makes the ice cream from scratch) can be found around town and even in Charlottesville and Petersburg. Nightingale started production in February, and Pollack has already grown her production to between 500-700 ice cream sandwiches per week.

The Dish

Nightingale peach ice cream sandwich

The current menu of flavors include a taste of summer with a lot fresh fruits, such as peaches and strawberries. Side note: many of Nightingale ice cream sandwiches are dipped in chocolate, so there’s that. One of my favorites is the peach flavor — which includes white peach ice cream, sandwiched between two sugar cookies, dipped in chocolate. I’m also partial to the Fat Elvis and the caramel, so basically just grab one of every flavor the next time you’re at Shields Market, Ellwood Thompson’s or Tom Leonard’s. I will admit I typically put my ice cream sandwich in a bowl because the cookie gets a little crumbly, creating a bit of a mess. In addition to the many retail locations where you’ll find Nightingale sandwiches, Pollack also does custom orders (in full and half sizes), perfect for your next party or shower. P.S. fall flavors (think pumpkin and chocolate peppermint will be released in the next few months) so stock up now on your summer favorites before it is too late!


Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches at Whisk

If you aren’t familiar with Whisk, it’s a bakery located in Shockoe Bottom dangerously close to Kelsey and I’s workplace. After baking professionally since 2011, head pastry chef and owner Morgan Botwinick opened the bakery in 2015 at 2100 E Main Street, and it’s been a favorite of ours ever since. (Fun fact: it’s actually the very spot where we officially got this blog up and running!) Everything I’ve ever enjoyed from the menu at Whisk has been exceptional, from the everything croissant to the whisker cookie to the cream filled choux. Recently, they added macaron ice cream sandwiches to their line-up and you know we couldn’t resist giving one a try.

The Dish

macaron ice cream sandwich frozen treats

When Whisk recently started offering macaron ice cream sandwiches, I’ll be honest that I didn’t quite know what to expect. How would a delicate confection pair with ice cream? I shouldn’t have been concerned, especially when on the day I went to try one they had a strawberry balsamic variety available, one of my favorite flavor combinations ever. The texture and flavor were on point, and I loved that the individual elements of ice cream and macaron didn’t get lost in this somewhat unique combination. If you get one, consider yourself warned: these ice cream macaron sandwiches are no joke when it comes to size and they are definitely suitable for sharing. The macaron ice cream sandwich offering at Whisk changes every few days, and you can follow along with Whisk on Instagram to get an idea of what might be in store on your visit. – M

What’s your favorite frozen treat in RVA? Tell us in the comments below!


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