Meal kits — Little House Green Grocery

Meal kits — Little House Green Grocery

If making a decision about what to make for dinner is a constant struggle, finding a meal kit service that fits your needs can be a great way to try new recipes without breaking the bank and creating a lot of food waste.

I think we’ve all been there, you find an awesome sounding, somewhat adventurous recipe online (on Pinterest perhaps?) and those recipes always call for very small amounts of very specific ingredients, that are mysteriously sold only in large quantities — meaning they just sit in my cabinets taking up space never to be used again. Because of that, my favorite meal kits have been the ones that individually portion out ingredients for each recipe meaning you are only given what you actually need.

My one issue with many of the online meal kit services is that they aren’t great for people cooking for one. I love HelloFresh, but I typically don’t need three meals that serve two people all at once — its always a struggle finding a way to fit all of the meats and produce into my tiny fridge. Luckily Little House Green Grocery on the Northside has created a local option that you don’t have to subscribe or commit to on a weekly or monthly basis. Its just a pick up whenever you need one and go kind of thing, no advance ordering necessary.

Little House Green Grocery Meal Kits

I recently picked up my first meal kit from Little House Green Grocery when I saw a post on Facebook about a new kit that sounded fantastic — sweet potato gnocchi with spinach and mushroom.

Little House Green Grocery Sweet Potato Gnocchi Meal Kit

Inside each box you’ll find the ingredients you need for the meal, which are often locally sourced, and a card with the recipe. This particular kit came with refrigerated sweet potato gnocchi, Crimini mushrooms, spinach, shallots, Parmesan cheese, butter and thyme from Hummingbird Gardens.

Each meal kit includes two servings and costs $20. For the quality of the ingredients included, I’d argue that these meal kits are a steal. And from start to finish it probably took about 35 minutes to put this meal together and much of that time was spent waiting for the water to boil.

I cheated a little bit and picked up some delicious face bacon (yes, I said it, face bacon) to make this comforting dish even more indulgent. This simple meal was incredibly flavorful and I could definitely see myself adding this into my regular dinner rotation as we head into winter.

Sweet potato gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach

If you’re interested in trying out a Little House Green Grocery Meal Kit, check its Facebook page for seasonal updates on recipes (the meal kits change frequently) or give them a quick call before you go. And if you’re too lazy busy to drive over to the Northside you can have meal kits like The Weekend Breakfast, Taco Night or Curry Dinner delivered to your door via Quickness RVA. If you have a favorite meal kit service, let me know in the comments below.


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