King of Sandwiches? The guys over a King of Pops just launched a sandwich operation at the Scott’s Addition shop called The Reign. I can’t wait to try the Chive Turkey sandwich with a chocolate sea salt popsicle for dessert. In my last What’s Happenin’ Wednesday post I shared two food podcasts with you, this week I’m sharing one that isn’t food related — Millennial. Megan Tan is an incredible storyteller and in her podcast, she talks about navigating life as a 20-year-old. Give it a listen and let me know what you think — I’d start with this episode, it is one of my favorites. If you haven’t made the trip to Roaring Pines yet, what have you been waiting for?! The patio just opened at this (recently opened) old fashioned soda shop. Try one of the sipping vinegars or egg creams! Rumor has it that milkshakes may make… View Post

I don’t know about you, but I take every opportunity I can to make weekends feel like mini vacations – I love having something fun lined up to look forward to when Saturday and Sunday come around. Ever since a college friend mentioned to me that I would probably enjoy Early Mountain Vineyards in Madison, Virginia, it’s been on my list of places to check out. I wasn’t sure when Taylor and I would actually get around to going since it’s about an hour and a half from Richmond, but when I found out the Early Mountain Vineyards Oyster Fest was coming up, it was an easy to decision to make! (If you follow us on Instagram, it’s probably clear I  have an affinity for oysters – recent exhibits here and here.)  We mentioned the festival to our friends Laura and Will who were up for joining us, and just… View Post

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a sweet tooth. When I was maybe six or seven, my family went out to dinner, and I remember being allowed to order something off the dessert menu — which was not a common occurrence in our household — and to my parents surprise I ordered cheesecake. It was love at first bite. Unfortunately for me, cheesecake has not seen an explosion in popularity like cupcakes, cake pops or my current obsession, donuts. I’m not sure what it is about these fried pieces of dough but let’s be real, they’re basically taking over the world. I think part of the appeal is that they’re the sweet treat that’s acceptable to eat any time of day. While you might get weird looks if you ate a piece of cake at 9 a.m., no one questions the coworker who brings in a dozen or so… View Post

Another week, another What’s Happenin’ Wednesday: Kelsey and I checked out Stone Brewing’s new location in Richmond for the first time last week with a few coworkers – what an awesome addition to RVA! The outdoor area was a great place to spend a Friday evening, and if you follow us on Instagram you probably saw we enjoyed some Mean Bird while we were there. This article from The Washington Post caught my eye earlier this week – the unwritten rules of dining out that all people should follow, where restaurant industry veterans provided some advice on on how to get  the most out of your experience the next time you dine out. (My favorite tip? Be considerate of your server and everyone else around you. The tip I’m the worst at following? Don’t treat the menu as a starting point for your own imagination. Oops.) The good news: It’s officially picnic season!  The really… View Post

A few months ago I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook when I saw that Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds, a local flower and gift shop here in Richmond, was offering a terrarium workshop at a local brewery. I was immediately sold, as one of my goals entering this year was to find for time for fun little projects exactly like this. On top of that, I’ve always thoughts terrariums were really neat, but didn’t have a clue as to how to actually put one together. This workshop seemed like the perfect opportunity to find out! Sadly, by the time I went to purchase tickets the next day, the event was already sold out. I shouldn’t have been surprised – succulents are IN right now. Enter the silver lining: Strawberry Fields mentioned on their Facebook page that they offered private workshops, so I sent them a quick note and with a… View Post

If you follow Let’s Share a Dish on Instagram you might’ve noticed that I recently took a little vacation and road tripped down to Sullivan’s Island and Charleston with a few of my sorority sisters from Virginia Tech. We made our way down to South Carolina after I spent the day in Bedford, Virginia for work, so let’s just say my road trip snack essentials were clutch. Just a quick warning before you continue reading this post, there are going to be quite a few food photos, so please don’t read on an empty stomach! Sullivan’s Island We booked a quaint little beach house on Sullivan’s Island (about 25 minutes from Charleston) which had direct access to the beach. Unfortunately the weather didn’t want to cooperate and the cold steady breeze meant we spent most of our time catching a few rays on our large back patio. On the island there are… View Post