Pastries with a Czech-Texas twist coming to RVA

Pastries with a Czech-Texas twist coming to RVA

Get excited Richmond! Craft Kolache will soon be baking its pastries out of the old Chocolates by Kelly space in Church Hill. And while the space will only be used as a commercial kitchen for now, it’s possible that it might serve as a retail location in the future.

**UPDATE** Craft Kolache is now serving these delicious pockets of love out of their space in Church Hill. They are open Friday 7 a.m. – 11 a.m., Saturday 8 a.m. – 11 a.m. and Thursday hours are coming in February.

Never heard of kolache?

Pronounced kuhlah-chee, these pastries originally from Central Europe, can be found across the United States, but first gained popularity here in the States in Texas. If you’ve ever visited Texas you might’ve seen a Kolache Factory or two, especially if you were in Houston. These little pillows of dough are often filled with fruits, nuts, cheeses and even meats.

Heather Horak, owner of Craft Kolache, is hoping that her pastries will be the next big thing here in Richmond. Horak was raised by her mother in San Antonio, and when Horack’s mom was working a few jobs and needed a healthy, quick grab and go meal to feed her children she started baking the kolache that her Czechoslovakian mother used to make her.

Family recipe meets SEED grant

Horak recently won a $5,000 SEED grant from Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corporation, an organization which aims to transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy communities of choice and opportunity. She’s using that money to create her commercial kitchen and also purchase the equipment she’ll need to keep her kolache warm at South of the James every Saturday. Recently, Horak worked with Rose McAdoo, a pastry chef based in New York to perfect her own spin on her family’s kolache recipe.

Kolache Richmond

Starting next weekend (6/11), you’ll be able to find Craft Kolache at SOTJ where you can purchase these unique pastries individually or the by dozen/half dozen. And if you need to place a special order for a special occasion, Horak will be able to take special orders soon. She hopes to change her menu seasonally and to source her ingredients locally whenever possible. And she’s already been playing around with a few speciality offerings.

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Oh and just a heads up, there are even some collaborations already in the works with Ironclad Coffee and ZZQ — we’ll be first in line to try a kolache filled with sausage and  jalapeño mac and cheese!


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