Taking on the #Cook90 Challenge

Taking on the #Cook90 Challenge

I’m an avid listener of the Bon Appètit Foodcast and in late January I listened to an episode featuring the editor of Epicurious, David Tamarkin. Most of the episode was spent talking about this cooking challenge where readers of Epicurious challenged each other and themselves to cook every breakfast, lunch and dinner for the month of January. Well, I missed the memo on the start of the challenge in January, so I’m going to be doing the #Cook90 challenge in March.

Here’s how Epicurious describes #Cook90:

The #cook90 challenge is simple: Cook three meals a day, every day, for a whole month. Cooking 90 meals requires organization. And creativity. And Tupperware. Lots of Tupperware.

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But they aren’t that crazy, you do get three “cheat” meals because well, life happens and sometimes you just HAVE to go to a work lunch or dinner with a friend to decompress after a tough week. If you’re super into math, this is why for the 31 days in January (and in this case March) I’ll only have to cook 90 meals and not 93. You can read the full explanation of “rules” here, including what actually constitutes cooking — in case you’re wondering, for the purposes of this challenge making a salad is considered cooking.

One thing this is not, a diet plan — which is why I fully intend on whipping up some homemade pizzas (with a little help from Idlehands) and finding the best way to make the perfect burger on my stove top.

So for the next 30 or so days, you’ll probably be seeing more recipe posts from me on Let’s Share a Dish with the occasional post about food that wasn’t made in my own kitchen. I’m hoping that through this challenge I’ll actually find a couple more go-to-recipes because currently I have about three, and that I’ll be inspired to explore my love for food in new ways. Hey, maybe I’ll finally learn to make my own pasta!

If you want to submit one (or more) of your favorite recipes, you can do so below. I’ll try my best to make it! Happy cooking, and if any one wants to join me, I’m sure I’ll have lots of leftovers to share!

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