What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

Sound the alarms! Guys I have been stalking Chairlift for a good six months, like literally. I would walk by the storefront with Hazel every couple of weeks to just see if there was any progress and the day is finally here! The cafe that’s attached to Brenner Pass opens today (at 8 a.m.). YAY! You can expect many coffee, desserts and charcuterie photos on the letsshareadish Instagram page in the future.

Let me tell you a bit about my favorite show to binge on Netflix. If I’ve had a conversation with you in the last three months, odds are I’ve either somehow worked the Great British Baking Show into our chat, or I’ve spent time plotting how to tell you about how much I love it without sounding insane. And while the show is full of all.of.the.baking.drama — like is that soufflé going to fall — the drama that’s been happening in real life around the show is equally as intriguing. TL;DR: All but one of the beloved hosts and judges of the show have left in recent months, the New York Times (yes, the Times) has the full details. And hey, have I told you about this awesome cooking show on Netflix? I think you’d really like it.

Smoked Cubans, and we’re not talking cigars. Today is National Cuban Sandwich Day (!!!) and if you’re looking for a great (and cheap) place to pick up lunch or dinner tonight, head on over to Alamo BBQ in Church Hill. Are they traditional Cubans? No. Are they delicious? Yes. Get all the details — BONUS: they’re on special for Style Weekly’s RVA Sandwich Week — on what to expect here.

What’s in my kitchen. I’ve been on a bit of a new recipe kick lately and I am just loving the recipes I’ve found on Laura Lea Balanced. I was turned onto her blog by local food blogger Eating Bird Food (hi, Brittany!) and I’ve made a good six or seven recipes since. My favorites are the gooey chocolate chip-pea blondies, maple pecan pie balls (tip: the only place I could find maple extract locally is Ellwood’s) and the holy fudge black bean brownies. Next on my list is something savory, the broccoli, mushroom and cheddar quiche with a sweet potato crust.

Good things come in threes. I’m sort of a sucker for clickbaity food content but I promise these articles from Bon Appetit are as compelling as their headlines suggest. For all you planning your next tailgate (or those living the city life) disposable grills are a thing! I totally subscribe to this food trend that’s been proclaimed by BA as the dish of the year. This is probably why I love Metzger so much. And apparently, I visited San Francisco a year too early because HOLY MOLY I need this ice cream pie from Tartine Manufactory in my life, ASAP. How can we get drone technology to drop one outside my office?

What to add to your calendar

See you on the rooftop? Richmond’s next rooftop hangout will be opening this fall at the Graduate Hotel downtown. And consider yourself lucky because I’ve got the scoop on one of the first events happening on said rooftop. Celebrate RVA! a nonprofit organization that helps children of all circumstances celebrate joy on their birthdays, is hosting its first big fundraising event on September 23. Full disclosure, I am a board member but hopefully, that encourages you to get your early bird ticket, now. Ticket prices bump up on September 1st!

Pencil this in. Feast RVA announced that its 21st Feast Dinner will be held on September 17th at the Glave Kocen Gallery. If you are unfamiliar with Feast Dinners here’s the 411, food and drink is provided by a local restaurant, covered by your $25 ticket price, in addition to a lovely meal shared with friends (new and old) two to three local creatives pitch their ideas to the dinner crowd. At the end of the night, one winner takes home a little seed money to get their idea off the ground. Stay tuned for more details by liking Feast RVA on Facebook.

Wine tasting for a good cause. Next Tuesday (8/29) head on over to Maple & Pine to taste the restaurant’s newest wines. A portion of the proceeds will benefit local nonprofit, Classical Revolution, and for $17 you’ll be able to taste four different wines.


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