What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

If your new year’s resolution is to cook more at home/be a better home cook. Here’s a challenge where you cook 90 meals in 30 days. I did #cook90 last year (evidence here, here and here) and it forced me out of my cooking comfort zone. If you want to join the challenge run by Epicurious’ David Tamarkin, sign up for the (free) weekly meal plans and grocery lists here. And for inspiration check out the #cook90 tag on Instagram. Even though I’m not committing to the challenge again this year, I will commit to making this garlic and herby shrimp soup this weekend.

Sometimes when one door opens, another door closes — wait is that how it goes? Okay, that’s not the real saying, but it is what’s happening to our friends over at Idle Hands Bread Company. The short: the new location on Strawberry Street in the Fan has been so popular, the Jackson Ward location has officially closed. We’re excited to see what 2018 will hold for this little bakery that could. I can’t wait to pick up a cinnamon roll and some pizza dough on my next visit.

Yep, this is an article about mayonnaise. Duke’s Mayonnaise specifically, a condiment that is near and dear to the hearts of many Richmond restaurateurs. I can’t say I am a mayo on my sandwiches kind of gal, but I can appreciate the creamy spread in pimento cheese, chicken salad and as a marinade. If you are familiar with the Duke’s brand, what you might not know is that this hundred-year-old product is owned by Richmond based C.F. Sauer Company (their headquarters are right next to where the new Whole Foods on Broad Street is slated to open). Read all about the history of this beloved southern condiment here.

In this week’s “long” food read. Gary He, reporting for Eater, wrote this powerful, interesting and visually beautiful piece on the experiences of restaurant and small business owners who are trying to rebuild in Mosul after the Islamic State was forced out. Some restaurants are reopening after experiencing devastating attacks which is a testament to their extreme courage and will to keep their way of life intact.

And on the lighter side. Eater also compiled a list of every reported food trend for 2018. The ones that had me intrigued: Fine casual, nostalgic foods, mezcal and Filipino cuisine.

Hey, I dream about pizza too. If you haven’t heard, some of the most raved about pizza of late here in Richmond is being made by Giustino Riccio at Galley To Go. It took him six months to perfect his dough recipe, which is specifically made for the ovens they have in the restaurant, and I am DYING to make my way over there for dinner asap. If you’ve been, let me know what to order on my first visit in the comments.

What to add to your calendar

A night in Paris, but in Richmond? Later this month transport yourself to Paris by way of Chairlift for a night filled with dry aged beef, Parisian fare and delicious wine. There are only 30 tickets available for this event aptly named, Chateau de L’Entrecote, so if you’re interested act now!

Kick off the New Year with healthy habits. If healthy habits include cider, baked goods from Idle hands and bites from Perch — count me in. Next Wednesday, Blue Bee Cider is hosting its first workshop in its Body, Mind and Spirit series with local health coach Katie Brown, you might know her as Real Food with Gratitude.

Fried chicken brunch, yes please. If you missed the New Year’s Day Mean Bird brunch at Ardent, you’re in luck because they’re doing it all over again at Isley Brewing Company on January 21. If you haven’t had Mean Bird yet (what is wrong with you), get your butt over to Scott’s Addition for some brews paired with some tasty and crispy fried chicken. Bonus: even vegan friends can partake because they also have vegan “fried chicken” options.


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