What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

Never leave your house again.

Ellwood Thompson’s is the latest grocery store to offer delivery service here in Richmond. And while they won’t actually be delivering groceries, Ellwood’s will now be offering its selection of wraps and sandwiches (many of which are vegetarian) through Quickness RVA. This is great news for vegetarians who sometimes face limited options when it comes to delivery.

Something new for your breakfast table.

This week the Richmond Times-Dispatch has the scoop on a local company producing a ton of duck eggs. Duck Duck Eggs based in Henrico County is now selling their product in more than 240 grocery stores. According to co-founder Kolt Risser, duck eggs make for eggcellent cake baking.

This Washington Post article makes a bold statement.

National doughnut day may have come and gone, but you can still make “the best doughnuts you’ll ever eat” at home. The recipe involves fermenting and proofing and the dough needs to be refrigerated overnight for 15 hours but that just means you have time to collect all the ingredients and still have time to prep so that your doughnuts are ready for the weekend.

If you think you dislike corn tortillas, think again.

Because you probably haven’t had a fresh one before. Recently I was listening to an episode of the Sporkful where Kenji López-Alt of Serious Eats was describing the science behind why store bought corn tortillas suck so badly. I won’t try to explain all the technical reasons why here, so you’ll just have to either a) believe me or b) listen to the episode yourself. Bonus: You’ll also learn why you should actually store your tomatoes in the fridge. And that episode got me thinking, how hard is it to make homemade corn tortillas, well this recipe makes it seem easy, although you might want to splurge for some heirloom corn if you can get your hands on it.

RVA food news since last week.

Yaki in Jackson Ward and Garnett’s at the Valentine are officially open. Pro tip if you’re stopping in for a sandwich at Garnett’s you can have your parking validated by the museum! Bellytimber Tavern in The Fan has closed and will reopen this Fall as Beauvine. And Brenner Pass is still on our opening watch but OMG this looks amazing.

What to add to your calendar

Meet me at the co-op.

If you haven’t heard, Richmond is getting a food co-op and because I’m a lover of grocery shopping I am giddy. Learn more about why you should be excited about this concept opening in Richmond (on Westover Hills Boulevard) and become a founding member here. You can also learn more at the Richmond Food Co-op’s Summer Parking Lot Party this Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

A full sensory experience.

The Underground Kitchen is teaming up with New York chef and former Chopped contestant, Giovanna Delli Compagni, for an exciting dining experience in Richmond on June 16th. Tickets are a little pricey for this one, but it promises to be an experience you’ll never forget. Plus, a portion of proceeds from the event will benefit FeedMore.

If you missed the Greek Festival.

Whisk is hosting its next Bubo RVA pop-up on June 12th and the mezze tasting menu will feature flavors of Virginia and the Mediterranian. Check out the menu here, and reserve your seats soon. Tickets are just $40 per person for four courses.


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