What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

  • More restaurants are coming! The folks behind Rogue Gentlemen (not to be confused with Club Rouge) are opening a new concept in the old Boka Tavern space on Broad Street. Yaki will be a take on the modern izakaya, aka Japanese gastropub, serving mainly yakitori-ya (chicken skewers) — read all of the details on Richmond Magazine. Also making moves this week is Mean Bird. The beloved fried chicken (and vegan fried chicken) food truck will soon be opening a brick and mortar location in the old Sticky ToGoGo space on Main Street in the Fan. Note: they’ll have a limited schedule for the truck while they work to get that space up and running.
  • Does the warm weather have you wishing you were drinking a beer on the patio? Here are five Richmond beers to help you start celebrating spring early.
  • In related beer news, Hardywood’s Goochland facility is facing some setbacks thanks to some not so cooperative soil. The project is now slated to open in spring 2018.
  • I think I mention my love for podcasts at least once a month in What’s Happenin’ Wednesday and guess what, it’s that time again! Bon Appetit asked chef’s what they’re listening to and they aren’t all food related. I 100 percent endorse Revisionist History, Stuff You Should Know and the Sporkful.
  • ICYMI: I’m attempting to do the #cook90 challenge — meaning for the month of March I must cook all of my own breakfasts, lunches and dinners (with the exception of three cheat meals). If you have a recipe that you love to cook, share it here (or in the comments below) and I’ll try my best to cook it! I’m currently searching for a good bagel recipe so let me know if you’ve got one.
  • If labels at the grocery store often leave you feeling confused, you aren’t alone. Soon companies will be encouraged to cut those pesky “sell by” descriptors from 10 options to two, meaning consumers will only see “Use By” and “Best if Used By” dates on food. Yay for changes that make our lives easier. Side note, most foods are typically okay to eat if it is past its “Best if Used By” date.

What to add to your calendar

  • GUYS! GET EXCITED BECAUSE MRS. YODER’S MAKES ITS TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO SOUTH OF THE JAMES THIS WEEKEND. Sorry for yelling but I’m excited. My love for donuts runs deep and these are my absolute favorite in Richmond. Catch them this Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.
  • Forget March Madness (ok not really, but go with me on this one), March Mindfulness is here. Take a break from the current chaos that is social media and just life in general with some classical music and meditation. Classical Revolution RVA will be hosting solo instrumentalists every Wednesday in March from 12-12:30 p.m. at 1708 Gallery (319 W. Broad St.). The events are free and open to the public.
  • Tickets are on sale for Steam Bell Brew Works’ RVA Brews & Blues Fest on March 25th. Seven acts are slated to perform and they’ll also be releasing a small batch beer, Old Salt Gose.
  • Brunch is starting at Laura Lee’s this Sunday and they just shared a sneak peek of the menu. Brunch will run from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and reservations can be made on the restaurant’s website. They had me at avocado toast and pork shoulder, sunchoke and sausage hash.
  • If the Oscars were your jam this past Sunday, you might be interested in attending the Richmond International Film Festival. More than 150 films from 35 countries will be shown during the festival and 50+ bands will be performing now through Sunday. More details including a list of films, bands and events can be found here.


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