What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

What’s Happenin’ Wednesday

Can you believe it is already the end of April? Last week was a little crazy for me with a ton of meetings and events for both work and fun, so I’m excited for a little more downtime this week!

It’s Wednesday! Here’s What’s Happenin’

  • Let me start by saying I don’t really love wine (gasp!). I know, I’m working to expand my palate, but it is a slow process, okay? But I think we can all trust the French when it comes to wine. Enter: Grapefruit wine, which is apparently all the rage in France right now. You can either search for a bottle or make your own by mixing the juice of one whole grapefruit with a bottle of rosé!
  • Poor Rachael Ray, she just wanted to share her sandwich recipes on Twitter and then the behive attacked. Classic internet.
  • ICYMI: Meg and I celebrated our takeover of the Virginia Bloggers’ Instagram account on the new rooftop bar at Quirk Hotel. I can’t wait to see what the view looks like at night! Follow along, we’ll be posting from the account through Saturday.

  • The NFL draft kicks off tomorrow, and while I don’t typically care too much about NFL football, I am extremely excited for Kendall Fuller (the fourth Fuller brother to make it to the NFL). Sports Illustrated recently did an awesome story on his family and it just puts a smile on my face. Go Hokies!
  • When I plan out a vacation itinerary, one of the first things I scope out is where I want to eat! Bon Appétit recently launched city guides to serve as your food guide in some of the larger cities in the United States. I’ve started planning for a trip out to San Francisco and Yosemite in July and the San Francisco city guide has helped me narrow down my options — there are just so many great places to eat and so little time! Bon Appétit, if you ever need help scoping out places to eat in Richmond, I’m your girl!
  • Hardywood is expanding westward, AGAIN! This time the brewery is expanding into Charlottesville and planning to open in September. I guess this fall UVA football fans won’t have to drown their sorrows with bad beer.
  • One final thing: The Dog and Pig Show in Church Hill has rolled out an updated menu. I’m excited to try the Papaya Salad!

New dog and pig show menu

What to add to your calendar:

  • If you like beer, oysters and/or German food check out Metzger’s Maifest on Saturday. They’ll be slinging everything pretzels and schnitzel sammies starting at noon, rain or shine. Definitely make the drive over to Church Hill if you haven’t tried the schnitzel from Metzger yet.
  • There’s still time to purchase tickets to the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Taste of Richmond event tomorrow (4/27). At the event Jason Alley, chef and co-owner of both Pasture and Comfort, will be showcasing his skills in a live cooking event.
  • The official start of the South of the James (SOTJ) farmer’s market 2016 season starts on May 7! Get excited for new vendors and old classics to be back at it.
  • The threat of frost is now officially gone, so if you’re ready to start your own garden, check out Herbs Galore & More at Maymont on Saturday. Warning: Arts in the Park (at Byrd Park) is also happening this weekend, which is great news, unless you hate traffic. Plan alternate routes if you’re not attending either of these events.
  • Richmond’s outdoor concert season kicks off next week with the RVA East End Festival. This three day festival in Chimborazo Park is all for a good cause, benefiting music education in Richmond’s East End public schools.



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